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Art is in the Air Trailer

by Tea&Ivy

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As a Visionary I brought Tea&Ivy to life to showcase different accepts of my creative self. I’m an artist with many mediums. I feel much gratitude to share my visions and consult with Rosetown as we continue to create.


by Merde Moth

The run up to the festival didn’t start well. The flag company, that were printing the sigils, let me down, and they weren’t going to be ready in time. I also had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction, 2 days before we were due to leave, and was in agony and could only eat noodles. I was determined to fly my flags, so was desperately painting them, last minute, on an old sheet.

It was a long journey to a field, on a hill, just outside Liverpool. When we got there, we could feel the energy straight away. I asked my pal if there had been an earthquake, as I literally felt the earth moving. He felt it too. And that was even before the music started- tribute bands mostly, and they played all our favourite tunes. It was magical. What an amazing atmosphere. Friends and families in their tent bubbles, coming together to enjoy the music, inside the festival bubble. They had staked their claim to their bit of the camp site with their flags. It was so beautiful. The nights were peaceful. All you could hear was giggling and zipping sounds coming from the tents, along with flapping flags.

I spied several pirate flags that weekend. Everyone was so friendly and were only too happy to tell me about their flags. People were interested in my flags too and were asking what the symbols meant. I was so proud flying them – even sneaked them on to the stage at one point. Winky face emoji.

To mark the end of the festival, we had a flag lowering ceremony. The I AM sigil flag has since found a home with I AM Buzz ( AKA Bill, AKA Will I AM).
In order to capture the magic of that weekend, I made a movie. It’s on my Shit Moth YouToobes.

The I AM sigil flag

Shit Moth, AKA Merde Moth, AKA Beavemaster, AKA Sarah, is the founder of Mothwerks Productions. A school technician, artist, graphic and set designer, movie maker, photographer, dog walker and stripper extraordinaire. Arrrr.
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Two Horned Lion (Slow Time)

by Dylan DiChiara

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