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Pilgrimage to Kakwa

In early May of this year I embarked on a journey west, from Ontario to the mountains of British Columbia, to a place called Kakwa ecovillage. My goals were twofold. I was to study further on private membership associations (PMAs) as well as gain experience in regenerative farming, with sheep, specifically. The trip did not go as planned; I never met the sheep. But I do declare it was a great success. It was the kind of trip where, in the lowest moment, as I conversed with God on my rotten-est of luck, I stumbled into a gift of a dream. This dream was like a perfect sunrise in a wild rose country. All that had been dwelling darkly and thorny and lonely was suddenly graced with vision of expansive beauty and warmth. Your friends are your friends, went the message. Go upwards to meet them, like hunting for good cell phone reception.

Alberta is wild rose country.

I sought connection in the west; I sought my tribe. In my consideration of the PMA framework, I had come to the conviction that genuine connection, or resonance, between members was at the heart of the matter. If there was any value to be found in creating a PMA, this resonance was to be the foundation. And so, I sought out to connect in a greater way with those I had studied this form with, and those connections were west. A friend joined me, he was set to reconnect with family in B.C., and possibly stay for good. His reconnection was a success while I did not meet the sheep. (I’m happy to report I met some sheep after returning to Ontario. All things come around.)

What I came to learn was to open my horizons to those connections in my life where I already felt that deep resonance, even if they lived in very faraway lands and I only “saw” them on internet platforms such as Telegram. We have the internet to connect us. From all of these connections, Rosetown Arts Guild has formed. I feel strongly that we have created here what I envisioned was possible in my exploration of the PMA form: a collective of individuals capable of accomplishing great things together.

Art by kristyleedolls
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Ianina Mamma has written brilliantly on this creative process in her welcoming piece. I invite you to join us. I have called Rosetown Arts a creativity engine. We work with the moon. It’s our time keeper. We plant seeds and we nourish their growth. We stop and smell the roses too. We pet cats and dogs, with love. We do our best. The birds sing songs into our ears and we listen. We sing too. And whether it’s in or out of time, we do. We honour the sun and the tree, the earth and the deep blue see. We paint like we dance, feeling what’s inside and letting it out. We know healing takes time and a radiant joy can be had anytime.

I’d like to thank the wonderful artists and friends who have contributed to this newsletter. There have been difficult times in this birthing process and I am grateful that you and I have stuck with it. I’m also grateful for the space we have given each other for there are times when creating space is what brings the grace.

May we meet as friends on the path. Thank you to dear friends who gifted me sweet treasures as I embarked upon my journey: Alaura, for the runes (see her entry in El of this newsletter); Cassie, for the painted egg, The Circus of the Unicorn (coming soon…); and John, for the portrait of Oliver Schroer, a masterful musician who also made a pilgrimage once.

I’d like to close by updating you about a wonderful new school in Ontario. Located between Milton and Burlington, a beautiful land of 44 acres. The Evergreen Steam Academy. There’s a song and gathering circle by a fire, next to the river. A soccer field is surrounded by forest. The location has functioned as a school for many years and is now seeing something new. Fellow Rosetown member, Tanya , is one of the organizers. You’ll see more from Tanya and I in the coming weeks and months. After attending an open house at Evergreen last week and hearing and sharing visions of the school with parents, kids, teachers, and school founders, I must say I am thrilled by this new school. A transformational teacher named Tammy spoke of her teaching system of recognizing and valuing the genius of each and every child. All the organizers present vouched for the potency of what Tammy brings to individuals and classrooms. For me, as a teacher of close to 20 years, I recognized the power of truth in her words and in her being. There is much more to come on this front, both on the ground level of that particular school, as well as sharing these insights and systems far and wide. If we throw a party, or have a podcast or an art series, we’ll surely let you know.

Rosetowners, welcome to our new website. As my friends to the south would say,

Enjoy y’all,


Photos from Rosetown, Saskatchewan

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