The Rosetown Arts Guild


The Artistry of Blue Kachina

Metal sculpture made by Blue Kachina
James, what is a Kachina?

Quotes of Blue Kachina

You may find me weird but that’s ok
You wouldn’t have found me any other way.

I don’t mind being wrong as it is my right.

Impossible is mathematically Impossible.

It is nearly impossible to forget that which is learned.

In due time it is bound to run out.

All great men think for themselves, at least, that’s
What I’ve been told

All day long I sit and think
Of how I wasted my day.

Be full of shit as it helps to strengthen the core.

How can I think about what she thinks when
I’m not even sure that she does.

When I stop to think is usually when
I forget what it was I was doing

Laugh at yourself if you want to join the crowd.

The hammer and sickle are like justice and mercy,
Without either.

Slow down if you are in a hurry
You’ll get there faster.


You can email Blue at
or find him in the Dojo Kickback on Telegram


Leaving Devil Hollow

performed by Dylan DiChiara

Dylan performs Blue’s song, Leaving Devil Hollow

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