The Rosetown Arts Guild

RAG Newsletter 19th July 2022

Welcome Rosetowners to the Rosetown Arts Guild newsletter #2.

This is our first web formatted newsletter which is an exciting step; allowing us to showcase submissions in a contemplative way, away from the busy communications of Telegram.

Good progress has been made on the development of the embryonic Guild since the New Moon on June 28th. An online discussion was held the 26th June where the stirrings of definitions were made on what the Rosetown Arts Guild (RAG) might become. This initial seeding of thoughts quickly grew into what will now be described.

Rosetown Arts Guild is hereby declared a gathering of Artists, Musicians, Designers and people of the crafts; residing across the world. It is a place to share our ideas and work, our imaginings and inspirations. To have conversation and collaboration. As much or as little of it as we wish. 

The act of witness is important within the Guild. We are witnessing the world, each other and our offerings as we produce them.

Olafur Eliasson ‘Real Life’

James True writes, in the novel Quantum Rapture:

“When a computer program is launched, an element of silicon is stalked. Its observation collapses the quantum wave and the remaining energy becomes a daemon. This Daemon is willpower converted into physic electricity. When this energy is placed in a medium like the brain, the genes, a computer, or even the atmosphere, the daemon can summon an answer from our antennae and stimulate the future. All computation is divination masquerading as technology.” 

What is this summoning and could it be described as the initiation of an idea? 

Where do ideas come from? 

Do they flow to us like water or do we search for them like we search for the perfect stone; with keen eye and ancient intuition. 

Are they ushered in from the world we witness around us: the responses it triggers, our empathy towards it…perhaps an anger once. 

A fleeting thought to be captured before it flutters by to another mind; or one that nags and rises to the surface again and again until action is taken. 

Ideas are gifted from the Ether to our soul. We transmute and gift back. Through our actioning of the idea we become Ether’s willing tools. 

The actively creating human materialises a truth fractal. When creations go on to be witnessed by another they spread vibrancy; knowledge; advancement in self; acknowledgement of beauty, pain, ugliness and joy. Through these creations we can contemplate the myriad of connections experienced under the dome. 

The eyes, hands and voices of creators are used to variously reflect the faces of humanity; their fears, desires, failures and imaginings. Birth and death. The geometry of life. The intricacies of trees, plants, animals and myths. 

Carefully selected materials bring richness to the senses; the touch of soft cotton, a shiny thread on a stitched hem. A wheel of crafted wool, once worn on a sheep’s back. Jewel red fruits gifted by the sun, rain and soil, turned into food we serve to ourselves and others. With love.  

When we use our soul to create, it becomes encoded into the piece we work on. A strand of truth sent out and received by those who are meant to receive it, becoming a part of their story and actions. And so it spreads, from node to node; person to person.

As the universe shifts to another frame: the Artists, Writers, Musicians, Craftspeople and all people of action have opportunity to be it’s Magicians. The fortunate ones who can see Spring coming will be the bringers of light to the new era.


Using our intuition –  In tuition.

Multimedia Artist Olafur Eliasson, talks of ideas and intuition in reference to the studio he shares with makers and mathematicians:

“It’s like a treasure room where this idea comes from, the space out of which things grow. And I think we should treasure it like a treasure room’’

The RAG Telegram stream, website and print newsletter are treasure rooms for us to enjoy. We will fill them up with our conceptions and completions. They are to be places of births and growth. Death cycles may come too, just as Autumn comes before Spring. Rags to riches; a waveform to ride.

Death and rebirth. How we have experienced this deeply; collectively and alone. The cycle continues and we are on the path. Transmuting idea parcels by staining our hands, pricking our fingers, shouldering our instruments, choosing the right words, singing sounds, tasting recipes and all the glorious steps taken to materialise. Bringing the ideas we receive to a place of transmittance to our fellow Rosetowners and beyond. From one node to another.   

Olafur Eliasson ‘Beauty’ 1993

So let us go forth and inspire one another, be bold, take action, grow our skills, teach what we know and speak our very being out into the world. 

Thank you to all of this month’s contributors. May we all enjoy what we are about to seek. 

With love,

Ianina Mamma

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