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  • Earl of Rose by GreenMtn Elspeth
    • Donation campaign for Elspeth’s daughter
  • please ignore dirty fingers and don’t eat the game by speedylee
  • Kristy’s Creations by kristyleedolls
  • Everything Will Be Just Fine by Dylan DiChiara

Earl of Rose tea recipe

by GreenMtn Elspeth

My art form is love and care through food and drink.  Kitchen alchemy I call it.  This is a rose related recipe.  One Earl Grey tea bag seeped, also seep 2-4 rose petals (fresh or dried), sweetener of choice (honey is good) and full fat coconut cream whipped.  Sip and feel the love ❤️🌹

With Love and Care,
GreenMtn Elspeth

Campaign for Powerful Healing

Elspeth’s 4-year-old daughter broke her arm recently. She’s had major surgery and, while she is wiggling her fingers on that arm and her spirit is strong, it was a serious break and it’s been a trying time. Even so, the pictures we’ve received show such a radiant smile and spirit. 💖 Rosetowners have been sending a lot of love and healing energy her way. As part of that, we’ve asked Elspeth to create a PayPal link so we can send along funds in support. Here is that link:

please ignore dirty fingers
and don’t eat the game

by speedylee

I decided to combine my love of food and cooking with my love of boardgames and started designing a new board game. This game is a deck builder – which means everyone starts with the same basic cards and as the game goes you have opportunities to improve and trade up for better cards to collect better food and better recipes to please the king and queen.

My current task is to finish creating all the cards and game pieces. One that is done I will like to do some play tests, while tweaking the rules as well go to perfect it. 


Kristy’s Creations

by kristyleedolls

I started creating art at the beginning of this year and it’s become a constant for me. I work on projects daily, and love making things that make others smile and bring about joy and happiness. I would love to share my creations with others, I very much love to do custom pieces and I accept gift donations in return.  Let’s spread the love of art, while having unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that bring our lives a richness you can’t find at the big corporate entities! 

I can be reached via my Instagram @kristyleedolls or via email

Thanks, and stay quirky!

Everything Will Be Just Fine

by Dylan DiChiara

Dylan DiChiara on youtube


Thanks to the programmers behind Dalle
which has been used to create art in this newsletter.

Thanks to Amanda Peterson for the rose photography.
She took it while on a trip to the Red Rose City.

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