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  • Time Travelers play Expanding Starlight

    A three song set entitled Expanding Starlight discovered in the archives (recordings from 2009) and released with video in February 2023. Music by Time Travelers. If Coltrane ever recorded a Music for Airports volume, it may have sounded like this… In 2009, I lived in Toronto and commuted through the city on the subway. I […]

  • M’Journeying the Belts

    February 5th, 2023 Happy Full Snow Moon yall, This set of images were inspired by James True’s “Six Belts” from his book Best Apocalypse Ever. All but the last image were generated by Midjourney Sage image-generating AI. ~Thomas White Belt – Power of TrustYellow Belt – Power of FearRed Belt – Power of RageGreen Belt […]

  • thank you for your service

    Barbara Joan fine.

  • Newsletter no. 2

    Welcome by Ianina Mamma El~ Fleshpixel by Vall ~ Towers, Beaches and Wee Beasties by Merde Moth Kachina~ Performers and Portrayers: A Tour, July 2022 by Dylan DiChiara Tree~ Quote by Sri Aurobindo~ Finding old work.. sketching’s of winter sunsets by Ianina Mamma ForEva~ Ark of Arcs by Exertus de Juno ~ Caprikronos by Dylan […]

  • October Museletter

    October 17, 2022Hunter’s Moon ~ Contents ~ Welcome by Thomas SilvaniThe Sounds of Paradise by Gary Diggins El~ Light Magick by Amanda Peterson~ Black Sun by Spectral Valkyrie and Innocent Outlaw~ Synergy Speaks by Dylan and Thomas Kachina~ Be the GOAT by Sarkastik Worlock~ Val and the Canvas~ Tribe Flags Tree~ Dylan’s Lunar Medicine Show~ […]

  • Newsletter no. 1

    July 19 2022 Welcome by Ianina Mamma Pilgrimage to Kakwa by Thoma Silvani El Do you know what light is? by Majid Fekri To Gaia, with love by Tatjana Tree Art is in the Air Trailer Festival by Merde Moth The Man from Katuah by James True Two Horned Lion (Slow Time) by Dylan DiChiara […]