The Rosetown Arts Guild

Newsletter no. 1

July 19 2022

  • Welcome by Ianina Mamma
  • Pilgrimage to Kakwa by Thoma Silvani

  • Do you know what light is? by Majid Fekri
  • To Gaia, with love by Tatjana

  • Art is in the Air Trailer
  • Festival by Merde Moth
  • The Man from Katuah by James True
  • Two Horned Lion (Slow Time) by Dylan DiChiara

  • Earl of Rose by GreenMtn Elspeth
  • please ignore dirty fingers and don’t eat the game by speedylee
  • Kristy’s Creations by kristyleedolls
  • Everything Will Be Just Fine by Dylan DiChiara


by Ianina Mamma

Welcome Rosetowners to the Rosetown Arts Guild Newsletter no. 1.

This is our first web formatted newsletter which is an exciting step; allowing us to showcase submissions in a contemplative way, away from the busy communications of Telegram.

Good progress has been made on the development of the embryonic Guild since the New Moon on June 28th. An online discussion was held the 26th June where the stirrings of definitions were made on what the Rosetown Arts Guild (RAG) might become. This initial seeding of thoughts quickly grew into what will now be described.

Rosetown Arts Guild is hereby declared a gathering of Artists, Musicians, Designers and people of the crafts; residing across the world. It is a place to share our ideas and work, our imaginings and inspirations. To have conversation and collaboration. As much or as little of it as we wish. 

The act of witness is important within the Guild. We are witnessing the world, each other and our offerings as we produce them.

Olafur Eliasson ‘Real Life’

James True writes, in the novel Quantum Rapture:

“When a computer program is launched, an element of silicon is stalked. Its observation collapses the quantum wave and the remaining energy becomes a daemon. This Daemon is willpower converted into physic electricity. When this energy is placed in a medium like the brain, the genes, a computer, or even the atmosphere, the daemon can summon an answer from our antennae and stimulate the future. All computation is divination masquerading as technology.” 

What is this summoning and could it be described as the initiation of an idea? 

Where do ideas come from? 

Do they flow to us like water or do we search for them like we search for the perfect stone; with keen eye and ancient intuition. 

Are they ushered in from the world we witness around us: the responses it triggers, our empathy towards it…perhaps an anger once. 

A fleeting thought to be captured before it flutters by to another mind; or one that nags and rises to the surface again and again until action is taken. 

Ideas are gifted from the Ether to our soul. We transmute and gift back. Through our actioning of the idea we become Ether’s willing tools. 

The actively creating human materialises a truth fractal. When creations go on to be witnessed by another they spread vibrancy; knowledge; advancement in self; acknowledgement of beauty, pain, ugliness and joy. Through these creations we can contemplate the myriad of connections experienced under the dome. 

The eyes, hands and voices of creators are used to variously reflect the faces of humanity; their fears, desires, failures and imaginings. Birth and death. The geometry of life. The intricacies of trees, plants, animals and myths. 

Carefully selected materials bring richness to the senses; the touch of soft cotton, a shiny thread on a stitched hem. A wheel of crafted wool, once worn on a sheep’s back. Jewel red fruits gifted by the sun, rain and soil, turned into food we serve to ourselves and others. With love.  

When we use our soul to create, it becomes encoded into the piece we work on. A strand of truth sent out and received by those who are meant to receive it, becoming a part of their story and actions. And so it spreads, from node to node; person to person.

As the universe shifts to another frame: the Artists, Writers, Musicians, Craftspeople and all people of action have opportunity to be it’s Magicians. The fortunate ones who can see Spring coming will be the bringers of light to the new era.


Using our intuition –  In tuition.

Multimedia Artist Olafur Eliasson, talks of ideas and intuition in reference to the studio he shares with makers and mathematicians:

“It’s like a treasure room where this idea comes from, the space out of which things grow. And I think we should treasure it like a treasure room’’

The RAG Telegram stream, website and print newsletter are treasure rooms for us to enjoy. We will fill them up with our conceptions and completions. They are to be places of births and growth. Death cycles may come too, just as Autumn comes before Spring. Rags to riches; a waveform to ride.

Death and rebirth. How we have experienced this deeply; collectively and alone. The cycle continues and we are on the path. Transmuting idea parcels by staining our hands, pricking our fingers, shouldering our instruments, choosing the right words, singing sounds, tasting recipes and all the glorious steps taken to materialise. Bringing the ideas we receive to a place of transmittance to our fellow Rosetowners and beyond. From one node to another.   

Olafur Eliasson ‘Beauty’ 1993

So let us go forth and inspire one another, be bold, take action, grow our skills, teach what we know and speak our very being out into the world. 

Thank you to all of this month’s contributors. May we all enjoy what we are about to seek. 

With love,

Ianina Mamma

Pilgrimage to Kakwa

by Thomas Silvani

In early May 2022 I embarked on a journey west, from Ontario to the mountains of British Columbia, to a place called Kakwa ecovillage. My goals were twofold. I was to study further on private membership associations (PMAs) as well as gain experience in regenerative farming, with sheep, specifically. The trip did not go as planned; I never met the sheep. But I do declare it was a great success. It was the kind of trip where, in the lowest moment, as I conversed with God on my rottenest of luck, I stumbled into a gift of a dream. This dream was like a perfect sunrise in a wild rose country. All that had been dwelling darkly and thorny and lonely was suddenly graced with vision of expansive beauty and warmth. Your friends are your friends, went the message. Go upwards to meet them, like hunting for good cell phone reception.

Alberta is wild rose country.

I sought connection in the west; I sought my tribe. In my consideration of the PMA framework, I had come to the conviction that genuine connection, or resonance, between members was at the heart of the matter. If there was any value to be found in creating a PMA, this resonance was to be the foundation. And so, I sought out to connect in a greater way with those I had studied this form with, and those connections were west. A friend joined me, he was set to reconnect with family in B.C., and possibly stay for good. His reconnection was a success while I did not meet the sheep.

What I came to learn was to open my horizons to those connections in my life where I already felt that deep resonance, even if they lived in very faraway lands and I only “saw” them on internet platforms such as Telegram. We have the internet to connect us. From all of these connections, Rosetown Arts Guild has formed. I feel strongly that we have created here what I envisioned was possible in my exploration of the PMA form: a collective of individuals capable of accomplishing great things together.

Art by kristyleedolls
see forEva in this newsletter for more

Ianina Mamma has written brilliantly on this creative process in her welcoming piece. I invite you to join us. I have called Rosetown Arts a creativity engine. We work with the moon. It’s our time keeper. We plant seeds and we nourish their growth. We stop and smell the roses too. We pet cats and dogs, with love. We do our best. The birds sing songs into our ears and we listen. We sing too. And whether it’s in or out of time, we do. We honour the sun and the tree, the earth and the deep blue sea. We paint like we dance, feeling what’s inside and letting it out. We know healing takes time and a radiant joy can be had anytime.

I’d like to thank the wonderful artists and friends who have contributed to this newsletter. There have been difficult times in this birthing process and I am grateful that you and I have stuck with it. I’m also grateful for the space we have given each other for there are times when creating space is what brings the grace.

May we meet as friends on the path. Thank you to dear friends who gifted me sweet treasures as I embarked upon my journey: Alaura, for the runes; Cassie, for the painted egg; and John, for the portrait of Oliver Schroer, a masterful musician who also made a pilgrimage once.

I’d like to close by updating you about a wonderful new school in Ontario. Located between Milton and Burlington, a beautiful land of 44 acres. The Evergreen Steam Academy. There’s a song and gathering circle by a fire, next to the river. A soccer field is surrounded by forest. The location has functioned as a school for many years and is now seeing something new. Fellow Rosetown member, Tanya , is one of the organizers. You’ll see more from Tanya and I in the coming weeks and months. After attending an open house at Evergreen last week and hearing and sharing visions of the school with parents, kids, teachers, and school founders, I must say I am thrilled by this new school. A transformational teacher named Tammy spoke of her teaching system of recognizing and valuing the genius of each and every child. All the organizers present vouched for the potency of what Tammy brings to individuals and classrooms. For me, as a teacher of close to 20 years, I recognized the power of truth in her words and in her being. There is much more to come on this front, both on the ground level of that particular school, as well as sharing these insights and systems far and wide. If we throw a party, or have a podcast or an art series, we’ll surely let you know.

Rosetowners, welcome to our new website. As my friends to the south would say,

Enjoy y’all,


Photos from Rosetown, Saskatchewan


Do you know what light is?

by Majid Fekri

Do you know what light is?
Probably no one does.
Nature of light has been one of the biggest mysteries of science for centuries.
Is it solved today? Or, have we simply assumed that we know enough and have stopped questioning?
You may have learned that light is made of photons.
You may have been taught that light is both a wave and particle depending on how we look at it. Light is often described as traveling through a vacuum as tiny bullets, and a vacuum is an empty space of nothingness. This is how light is typically described and understood today.
Yet, this understanding is not perfect.
The scientific discoveries of the past couple of centuries have consistently pointed toward a different reality about light.
Light can only be described as waves because of its unique properties, and these waves propagate through an all-pervasive medium called ether.
If you are interested in the mystery of light and ether, you will find this book an excellent resource because it offers a unique combination and a fresh take on old ideas and discoveries that can not be found anywhere else.

What is Light?: Wave Theory of Light and Origins of Ether in Science 1, Fekri, Majid, Kaiserman, Aaron –

To Gaia, with love

by Tatjana

These videos are part of the new, evergrowing project called
“To Gaia, with love” 💖💖💖

music and photography by Tatjana; audio production by Bojan Elez;
artwork by Nephew Leon Andrej and Amanda Peterson; video by Thomas

to Prometheus, with love


Art is in the Air Trailer

by Tea&Ivy

featuring Tea&Ivy and

Instagram @t_n_ivy
As a Visionary I brought Tea&Ivy to life to showcase different accepts of my creative self. I’m an artist with many mediums. I feel much gratitude to share my visions and consult with Rosetown as we continue to create.


by Merde Moth

The run up to the festival didn’t start well. The flag company, that were printing the sigils, let me down, and they weren’t going to be ready in time. I also had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction, 2 days before we were due to leave, and was in agony and could only eat noodles. I was determined to fly my flags, so was desperately painting them, last minute, on an old sheet.

It was a long journey to a field, on a hill, just outside Liverpool. When we got there, we could feel the energy straight away. I asked my pal if there had been an earthquake, as I literally felt the earth moving. He felt it too. And that was even before the music started- tribute bands mostly, and they played all our favourite tunes. It was magical. What an amazing atmosphere. Friends and families in their tent bubbles, coming together to enjoy the music, inside the festival bubble. They had staked their claim to their bit of the camp site with their flags. It was so beautiful. The nights were peaceful. All you could hear was giggling and zipping sounds coming from the tents, along with flapping flags.

I spied several pirate flags that weekend. Everyone was so friendly and were only too happy to tell me about their flags. People were interested in my flags too and were asking what the symbols meant. I was so proud flying them – even sneaked them on to the stage at one point. Winky face emoji.

To mark the end of the festival, we had a flag lowering ceremony. The I AM sigil flag has since found a home with I AM Buzz ( AKA Bill, AKA Will I AM).
In order to capture the magic of that weekend, I made a movie. It’s on my Shit Moth YouToobes.

The I AM sigil flag

Shit Moth, AKA Merde Moth, AKA Beavemaster, AKA Sarah, is the founder of Mothwerks Productions. A school technician, artist, graphic and set designer, movie maker, photographer, dog walker and stripper extraordinaire. Arrrr.
Instagram | Twitter

The Man from Katuah

by James True

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

I am a man from Katuah, the Blue Ridge bioregion of the southern Appalachians. I am the living soil. I am land incarnate. I am the vine, the flower, and the thorn. I am its airspace and water. I am its militia. I am its fingers, ears, and voice. During the great trance, this geography was called North Carolina. We don’t have states anymore. We live in a confederacy of bioregions. North Carolina dissolved into four parts and seceded from the union in the year 2020. It was the year of American independence. Maine led the charge on July 4th to a nationwide great awakening. This was not a revolution. It was an exodus from slavery.

The exodus was broadcast on social media. Millions of Americans withdrew their consent from the District of Columbia through a personal declaration of independence. Sovereignty pulled the sword from the stone and man became king. The declaration was simple:

“This is my Declaration of Independence. I, [Your Name], void all contracts made under the person, [BIRTH NAME IN ALL CAPS], with the corporation The United States of America. I am a natural born freeman of the land. I am not a corporate fiction. I am the living soil.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png

The capital of my bioregion is Qualla, the former territory of the Eastern Cherokee Nation in western North Carolina. Katuah and the Cherokee Nation merged in 2021. This was how Katuah got its name. Katuah is a class III ecoregion of the United States. As a sovereign of Katuah, I attend the local council held each waxing moon on Grandfather Mountain. The larger regional pow wow in Qualla happens every summer on the solstice. We have no leaders – only agreements. Government is a tapestry of agreements.

I came to Qualla bearing five bushels of fresh apples and four hundred dollars. I set up camp and loaded my bicycle like a burro to transport them to the giving tent. Once there, my cash gift was converted into Ethereum, the digital currency of Katuah. I was told to take the apples to Sarah in the catering tent who gave them to Dave at the juice station. He mentioned he might turn them into pies. It brought me joy to see the value of my offering. It made me want to bring them more next time. Giving is uplifting. Taxation is a deflating. The energy we put into government is the energy that is returned.

I parked my bicycle near a hitching post of horses. I tipped my hat to them and sauntered through the fairgrounds to settle at a picnic table. I launched the Katuah app on my phone and saw my cash offering appear in my balance. Using my finger, I dragged most of my gift into capital improvements for the new water tower. The rest went to the new dock I wanted to see at Buckeye Lake. I clicked the filters tab and added a boycott rule for the asphalt plant. I scanned the onscreen map to find the natural resources tent. I planned to see the presentation on the great chestnut tree project. Last year, this program won funding. Enough people had voted with their fingers and the project was born. I might give more of my current this year depending on their progress. Current is what we call bioregional money. It makes it easy to distinguish from fiat cash. I can change who and what gets my current as often as I like. I can adjust it throughout the year as my position evolves. This is the beauty of bioregionalism on a blockchain. The entire government is an open-source white paper.

The rattle of dissonance falls limp when the tail is cut.

Before the rise of Katuah, our country was indentured under Admiralty law. Black wizards claimed our souls at berth and the people felt unworthy to stop them. We were born as meat contracts as 40% of our labor was extracted under the threat of violence. Taxation is theft but no one seemed to mind. We were sharecroppers for our time and delegated our morality to a crime syndicate. Our heritage was supplanted by a board of education that called us monkeys and jabbed us with needles because we were tainted. They told our children they were endlessly shrinking inside an ever-expanding explosion. They sold us stories of endless war and constricted our resources.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

Since 1918, a citizen may not possess the feather of an eagle or a raptor. Society required the killing of all raccoons, skunks, opossums, coyotes, and foxes caught or orphaned. We blamed the deer for crossing the road when it was the roads that crossed the forest. We killed our totems mindlessly. We were suffering from wetiko or cannibal psychosis. Witiko were frozen-hearted, man-eating giants of Cree mythology coated in ice. They are the machine that fed on our soul before we awoke.

After the Great Awakening, we discovered the government can run on digital contracts. Ethereum is a blockchain technology that can support this endeavor. With digital contracts, voluntaryism can thrive inside a consent-based government. It replaces the coercive machine with a community-driven project incubator. This is the essence of natural law and government. Bioregionalism is water percolated from the soil. It’s a belief that government blooms naturally from the roots up.

America can be a nation of bioregions joined by a people’s Bill of Rights. Our nation’s militia belongs with the people again. Each bioregion can muster their own troops and decide individually on war. Each bioregion can have its own EPA. Each bioregion can have its own Supreme Court. Each bioregion is sovereign land. The District of Columbia has no claim to our consent. Consent is an extension of the will. When we reclaim our consent, we walk upright with the land. The land gives us resources so that we may give the land awareness.

We are the land. How do we sell our mother? How do we sell the stars? How do we sell the air? Crazy Horse. We hear what you say. – John Trudell

James True is making a movie and you just read act 3. You can join him on Patreon.

Two Horned Lion (Slow Time)

by Dylan DiChiara

Dylan DiChiara on youtube


Earl of Rose tea recipe

by GreenMtn Elspeth

My art form is love and care through food and drink.  Kitchen alchemy I call it.  This is a rose related recipe.  One Earl Grey tea bag seeped, also seep 2-4 rose petals (fresh or dried), sweetener of choice (honey is good) and full fat coconut cream whipped.  Sip and feel the love ❤️🌹

With Love and Care,
GreenMtn Elspeth

Campaign for Powerful Healing

Elspeth’s 4-year-old daughter broke her arm recently. She’s had major surgery and, while she is wiggling her fingers on that arm and her spirit is strong, it was a serious break and it’s been a trying time. Even so, the pictures we’ve received show such a radiant smile and spirit. 💖 Rosetowners have been sending a lot of love and healing energy her way. As part of that, we’ve asked Elspeth to create a PayPal link so we can send along funds in support. Here is that link:

please ignore dirty fingers
and don’t eat the game

by speedylee

I decided to combine my love of food and cooking with my love of boardgames and started designing a new board game. This game is a deck builder – which means everyone starts with the same basic cards and as the game goes you have opportunities to improve and trade up for better cards to collect better food and better recipes to please the king and queen.

My current task is to finish creating all the cards and game pieces. One that is done I will like to do some play tests, while tweaking the rules as well go to perfect it. 


Kristy’s Creations

by kristyleedolls

I started creating art at the beginning of this year and it’s become a constant for me. I work on projects daily, and love making things that make others smile and bring about joy and happiness. I would love to share my creations with others, I very much love to do custom pieces and I accept gift donations in return.  Let’s spread the love of art, while having unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that bring our lives a richness you can’t find at the big corporate entities! 

I can be reached via my Instagram @kristyleedolls or via email

Thanks, and stay quirky!

Everything Will Be Just Fine

by Dylan DiChiara

Dylan DiChiara on youtube


Thanks to the programmers behind Dalle
which has been used to create art in this newsletter.

Thanks to Amanda Peterson for the rose photography.
She took it while on a trip to the Red Rose City.

If you’d like to send a donation, please write to us at the email address below, thank you.